You aren’t invited to the wedding….

My Fella and I have been together for ages and as is the modern way, have bought a house and had a baby before getting married. We have decided to get married this summer but want a small ceremony; we are only inviting immediate family and close friends. Cue all the wedding politics associated with not inviting everyone! To mitigate this, we send a card out to family members with a poem from our daughter on it to explain our decision and invite people to have a drink with us when we next see them. It was received really well, I think we have avoided a family feud!



My friend’s baby’s christening was a huge success. She was so pleased with the flowers and I also thought they came out pretty well 🙂

I made two large and four small arrangements. All the flowers came from the local florist and I made some playing card roses. I referenced the following page: …. I did add an additional petal to make the flowers fuller, I just created an interim petal size between the second largest and the smallest.

Here are some pictures:

Return to Work Poem (after a baby)

Today my best NCT mummy friend returned to work after having her first baby. She was really excited about it, but a few people around her said demotivating things like, are you ok to go back? / are you worried about leaving your baby in nursery? / oh, that’s a shame, we took the first few years off with out babies.

Although we are striving for equality in the workplace there is still a huge gender gap – not only in pay, but also in how we view women who want to go back to work. I admire her for going back and feeling positive about incorporating work into her life. So, for her first day back her husband and I sent her a big bunch of flowers with a little poem. Sometimes small gestures go a long way…


Today you go back to work, to be a business lady,

Izzy thinks you set a good example to all the other babies,

AND you got a promotion; we all think you are very clever,

To manage work, a house and the five of us together.


We have decided that your brain must be enormous,

Because now you are managing performance…

Just remember to calm down the crazy,

Don’t do the silly voice (keep that for Katie).


Izzy is looking forward to making friends at nursery,

And Phoebe and Katie will miss you at baby sensory,

But we aren’t worried and we know that our weekend time,

Will be filled with frolicking, love and wine!


Now on a very serious note as Andrew doesn’t want to alarm you,

You can skip hovering every day now, as we agree you have enough to do,

You are an amazing business lady, friend, mummy and wife,

It’s lovely to be living such a wonderful life.

Alice in Wonderland Illustration

I have recently completed an illustration of the ‘Mad Tea Party’ from Alice in Wonderland as a gift for my friend’s daughters christening.

Alice in Wonderland Illustration

I have become fascinated by the illustrations within the book which is a 1978 Castle Book edition, which has lead me to researching into John Tenniel.


I work in fine line ink and water colour – as I began to recreate the images I realised that the depth of detail in the black outlines and cross-hatching suggested that the images were not originally in colour. After some online investigation and rereading the books covers I discovered that the illustrations were indeed originally made in black and white and not only this, made in an incredibly time consuming and laborious process which can be read about here .

Through out the book I noticed differences in appearances of the characters which you wouldn’t expect from a character in a book today, so I re-created my illustration from a number of illustrations within the book, choosing the expressions I preferred. Reading about the process to create the book I can now understand the difficulty that would have been faced by an illustrator to mass produce illustrations before we found ourselves in the digital age!

I actually now look at these illustrations and think how amazing they are to have been produced in such a way, and rather than seeing the inconsistencies in them, I see a quirky uniqueness that we have now lost as we can reproduce pictures with such ease.